Related Arts

At Pearre Creek Elementary School, students attend “specials” classes designed to enrich the daily curriculum.  Students will participate in a different class every day of the week.

There are five special classes in our rotation:

Pearre Creek offers an art program that focuses on exploring different techniques of drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpting. The student artists use different media including watercolor, tempura paint, craypas, clay, chalk, charcoal, markers, and more.

Guidance class strives to build skills for life. From study skills to handling conflict, students are taught topics to promote social, emotional, and academic development. This special area class is a positive learning environment designed to build student confidence and leadership.

During Library specials, students enjoy a class lesson and have time to check out books. Kindergarten students may check out 1 book per visit. Students in grades 1-4 can check out 2 books per visit. Students in 5th grade may check out 3 books each visit. Our hope is that all Pearre Creek Panthers foster a life long love of reading.

Here at Pearre Creek we ignite a passion for music through exploring, creating, and performing a wide variety of music.  Students will sing, dance, and learn to play instruments.

Every school year our students also have the opportunity to perform in a music concert.  Kindergarten students sing songs about Thanksgiving. First and second graders perform dances from around the world. Third and fourth graders sing Winter Classics, and our fifth graders perform in a Variety Show.

Physical Education activities are designed to help each child’s endurance, strength, coordination, sportsmanship, and self-esteem. Students will have a chance to participate in soccer, volleyball, football, jump rope, tumbling, basketball, hockey, and many more.

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