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Pearre Creek Art

An active art program that concentrates on exploring different techniques of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpting, and creating crafts in a studio setting is offered at PCES. The student artists use several different media including watercolor, tempura paint, craypas, clay, chalk, charcoal, markers, and more.  Art lessons integrate with the classroom curriculum to provide an additional way to learn.  This curriculum provides students with experience in different artistic styles and movements.

Artists of the Week for Fauvism Collage

B Smarto 5th grader holding winning art work.
L Carnes 5th grader holding winning art work.
C Dilliard 4th grader holding winning art work.
C Birckhead 3rd grader holding winning art work.
W Hutchison 1st grader holding winning artwork.
W Skube 1st grader holding winning art work.

Artists that will be featured at the First Friday Art Crawl

Franklin First UMC October 6, 2017 from 6-9pm
148 5th Avenue South Franklin, TN 37064

1st Friday Art Crawl October 6th 6-9pm at Franklin First UMC. 6 Individual pictures of 5th graders holding art work and smiling.
A 9-picture collage of individual 5th garde boys and girls smiling and holding up their artwork.