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Pearre Creek Music

Welcome to Music Class! Here at Pearre Creek, we ignite a passion for music within our students thus inspiring the next generation of musicians, producers, songwriters, music educators, and Grammy Winners.  We explore, create, analyze, evaluate, and perform a wide variety of music on a daily basis.  Every song we sing, every dance we perform, every instrument we play, has a significant teaching purpose.  Everything we do in music counts.  Our Music curriculum follows the Williamson County Schools Scope and Sequence (opens in a new window) as well as The National Association for Music Education (NAME) National Standards (opens in a new window) .

Music can reach out and touch so many other subject areas.  We frequently talk about the social context of our songs, and discuss their history.  We study maps and discover the countries or regions that our dances and songs are from, and we learn about the people and cultures that are native to these places.  We examine song lyrics and composers (Do you know what a “rampart” is? It’s in our National Anthem!)  When we learn about music notation, we discuss fractions and math skills.  Music notation in essence is another language. It is a language that is controlled by the rules of mathematics.  We also compose our own songs and discuss language arts skills in the process.

Every school year our students have the opportunity to perform in a music concert.  We perform everything from singing songs about Thanksgiving, to Hip-Hop and Swing Dancing, West African drumming, Singing Winter Classics, and STOMP inspired performances on Basketballs.

Music is a gift that everyone should enjoy.  “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”.  –Plato