We are The Page Panthers

At Page Middle School we embrace continuous innovation as a core value of our school.  The Page Middle Community, including the administration, staff, parents, and students, works together to ensure students’ academic success.

Our History

In 1981, Page Middle opened its doors for the first time, donning a name steeped in local Williamson County school history.   Fred J. Page, a former Superintendent of Schools, began his career in 1899 and served in that position for forty-two years.  The Page Middle community has seen extensive growth in population over the past several years.  Page Middle’s enrollment figures correspondingly rose with the influx of new county residents. 

School Colors: Cardinal Red and Vegas Gold

School Mascot: Panthers

Enrollment: 1200

The Mission and Vision of Page Middle School

Page Middle School’s mission and vision guide the students and staff as they work toward academic excellence and overall achievement.

Page Middle School is dedicated to creating a safe and caring learning environment where all students will achieve high levels of academic and personal success.

Page Middle School is a school that is characterized by a collaborative culture in which all stakeholders take collective responsibility for students’ academic and personal success.