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“The STARS Student Assistance Program (SAP) is an award-winning, evidence-based program of STARS Nashville that addresses social and emotional barriers for youth, such as anxiety and depression, transitioning families, self-esteem, coping skills, alcohol and drug education, grief/loss, and decision making. SAP assists students in achieving academic and social success by promoting healthy development, reducing barriers to learning and building upon strengths.

STARS Counselors are on-site in schools throughout the academic school year to provide:

  • Counseling to small groups and individuals
  • Prevention education through assemblies and classroom guidance
  • Early intervention for students exhibiting problem behaviors
  • Promotion of health with student leaders
  • Links to additional appropriate services in the school and community, such as mental health treatment services
  • Attention to students who are at a special risk for:

-Substance Abuse

-Teen pregnancy

-Violence and bullying

-Academic failure

-School suspension


Days and frequency of services vary.  There are no fees associated with these services for students and families. Youth are referred to STARS by self, school administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, peers, guardians and others.


The STARS Counselor for Page Middle School is Megan Hodge and you may find her contact info below. *Please note she serves Page Middle Monday-Wednesday.”

Megan Hodge
STARS Counselor