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Jason Ellis
6th Grade Math/Boys Soccer Head Coach
Norma Ingram
Rebecca Roberts
Amber Hastings
6th Grade Math/Volleyball Head Coach
Michelle Whittum
6th Grade Math/Basketball Cheer coach
Sue Daughtrey
6th Grade Science/ 6th Grade Volleyball
Mike McKibben
6th Grade Science/Assistant Football/JV Baseball Coach
Whitney Jones
Jackie Coughlin
6th Grade English
Jamie Harper
6th Grade English
Lisa Barber
6th Grade English
Rene Osborne
6th Grade English/Girls JV Basketball Coach
Elaine Capella
6th Grade Social Studies
Joanne Swain
6th Grade Social Studies
Matthew Ellington
6th Grade Social Studies/ JV Volleyball Coach
Allison King
6th Grade Social Studies
Jennifer Adkisson
Tawny Browning
Belinda Perry
7th Grade Science
Mathew Ciaramitaro
Kim Willingham
7th Grade English/Football Cheer Coach
Caitlin Galo
Becky Deason
Regina Rathbone
7th Grade English&Social Studies
Joan Wilkes
7th Grade Social Studies/Girls Tennis Coach
Eddie Williams
7th Grade Social Studies/Assistant Wrestling Coach/Assistant Football Coach/Assistant Boys Track Coach
Trent Williams
7th Grade Social Studies
Tabitha Durham
8th Grade Math/Algebra/Geometry
Amy Tidwell
Sydney Gobble
8th Grade Science
Katy Reed
8th Grade Science
Leigh Anne Melo
8th Grade English
Lauren Pitoscia
8th Grade English
Becky Trim
8th Grade English
Tonya Johnson
8th Grade English&Social Studies
David Carter
8th Grade Social Studies
Robert Oldham
8th Grade Social Studies/Assistant Football Coach/Assistant Boys Soccer Coach/Head JV Boys Basketball Coach
Suzi Constantine
8th Grade Social Studies
Katherine Aydelott
Taylor Denault
Wendy Schreiber
Tamela Wilson
Attendance Secretary
Melissa Oberstaedt
Officer David Hellstrom
School Resource Officer/Assistant Wrestling Coach
Jessie Myhre
Nurse/Wrestling Cheer coach
Pam Ashworth
Leann White
Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Melanie Castleman
Student Support Services TA
Carol Cajka
Student Support Services TA
Sherry Locke
Student Support Services TA
Carla Long
Student Support Services TA
Raven Marlin
Student Support Services TA
Tonya Vaughan
Student Support Services TA
Becky Mooring
Student Support Services TA
Jeff Purvis
Student Support Services/Gifted
Brooke Thompson
Student Support Services
Stefanie Jackson
Student Support Services TA
Susie Wilcox
Student Support Services
Megan Hodge
STARS Counselor
Kim Hurd
Occupational therapist
Stefanie Davenport
Student Support Services
Barbara Adams
Speech-Language Pathologist
Jessica Keezer
William Waites
Student Support Services
Bradley Brown
Derek Pack
Physical Education/Head Football Coach/Head Boys Basketball Coach/Head Softball Coach
Donnie Clemons
Evan Burton
Joanna Brewer
Physical Education/Boys Cross Country Coach
Julie Caudle
Librarian /Girls Cross Country Coach/Battle of the Books coach
Molly Wineland
Sharon King
Heath Grisso
Wes May
Physical Education/Boys&Girls Golf Coach/Girls Head Basketball Coach/Head baseball Coach
Leslie Woods
Counselor Last Names A-F
Nancy Parkinson
Counselor Last Names O-Z
Rebecca Wilson
Counselor Last Names G-N
Dr. Eric Lifsey
Brian Nelson
Assistant Principal
Quen Williams
Assistant Principal
Amy Layne
Library Assistant
Maura Perine
Lisa Feagin
Student Support Services
Clarissa Haymon
Assistant Principal and Literacy Coach
Daniel Reynolds
Kelly Jones
Jennifer Johns
6th Grade Science
Deanna Eudaley
Norma Ingram
Colleen Lowe
Robotics/Girls Tennis Coach
Diane Peterson
Charles Harrison
Student Support Services
Donna Owens
Math Intervention