We are the Ravenwood Raptors

Ravenwood High School discovers and cultivates intellect, character, and potential: Ravenwood, a Blue Ribbon award winning school, is a place where students work toward becoming effective communicators, complex thinkers, quality producers, and independent as well as collaborative learners; a place where student academic achievement is paramount; a place where athletic and artistic accomplishments serve as catalysts for the school’s community involvement and support.

Yes, Ravenwood High School may sound too good to be true, but the entire faculty and support team, from the principal to the cafeteria staff, along with strong external community backing, consistently ask “What is in the best interest of students?” whenever decisions must be made; the students are the future, and ensuring their preparation for future academic endeavors or private sector employment or careers in the military is a team effort. And as its history shows, Ravenwood enjoys many success stories of its alumni and alumnae.

Ravenwood students continue to raise the ACT composite score, continue to increase AP class enrollment and pass rates on AP exams, continue to contribute to those less fortunate via food and clothing drives, continue to maintain a high graduation rate, continue to win Williamson County Schools awards for academic and athletic achievement and growth, and continue to receive state and national recognition for its academic excellence.

Yes, this all may sound too good to be true. But it is true, and it exists here at Ravenwood High School in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Opened in the fall of 2002, the $24 million Ravenwood High School (250,000 square feet) boasts 51 classrooms, 7 computer labs, 10 science labs, a TV production facility, band and choral rooms, art rooms, counseling center, state-of-the art media center, full production theater with seating for 450, practice gymnasium, full-size gymnasium, outdoor football stadium, soccer, baseball, and softball fields, tennis courts, cafeteria, retail center and bank. Ravenwood opened with 32 teachers, 7 staff and approximately 540 students.

Ravenwood High School is named after the historic family home of James Hazard Wilson II and Emeline Wilson. Construction began on “Ravenswood” soon after their marriage in 1821 and was completed in 1825. It was named after Sam Houston, the best man at their wedding, whom the Indians referred to as The Raven. (Sam Houston was Congressman, State Attorney General and Governor of Tennessee. He was the military hero of the battle of San Jacinto, which won the Republic of Texas its independence from Mexico. He was the first President of the Republic of Texas and later a US Senator and Governor of Texas.) Ravenswood, Oak Hall, and Inglehame mansions, all built by James Hazard Wilson, remain among the finest antebellum homes in Williamson County.

aerial view of Ravenwood High School

aerial view of Ravenwood High School

Discovering and cultivating intellect, character, and potential.

Our academic curriculum encompasses all courses and programs available to students. It provides the tools and guidelines that will cultivate and challenge student initiative through clear and attainable goals. A cohesive, fluid structure to the curriculum will be attained through innovative teaching practices.


  • Provides various paths for students to meet and exceed state and county standards
  • Utilizes a layered or differentiated model to motivate students and meet their varied learning styles
  • Provides engaging and meaningful real-life learning situations relevant for the learner
  • Fosters accountability and responsibility within the learning community
  • Challenges all students to use higher level thinking skills
  • Provides the skills that students need to collaborate with others, produce evocative work, and present themselves and their products
  • Encourages collaboration among the learning community, teachers and their work, between the teacher and his students, among students and their work
  • Uses a broader scope of information systems to measure growth and stimulate meaningful learning
  • Anticipates and reflects the needs of the community