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Checkpoints Program

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Beginning in 2017-2018, all WCS high schools will implement the Checkpoints Program for new student drivers wishing to park and operate a vehicle on school grounds.  A new student driver is someone who has obtained his or her driver’s license since May 23, 2017.  Checkpoints is a training course designed to reduce injury and fatalities due to risky driving.  The safety seminar will be about one hour in length and is designed to facilitate conversations about safe driving expectations and responsibilities.    At the end of the session, students and parents are required to sign a safe driving agreement.  Once students have met all State requirements and completed the Checkpoints program training,  they will be eligible for a RHS parking pass.  Current drivers or students who have been driving for a year or more will not have to take the course in order to obtain the parking pass.

Training Date Time Location
July 26 6:00 RPAC
July 27 6:00 RPAC
August 1 4:00 RPAC
August 2 4:00 RPAC
August 15 6:00 library
August 29 6:00 library
September 19 6:00 library
September 26 6:00 library
October 17 6:00 library
November 14 6:00 library
December 12 6:00 library

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