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School Board Members

The Williamson County Board of Education consists of one member elected from each of the 12 voting districts to serve a four year term of office. (A citizen’s voting district is listed on the voter registration card.) Elections were held for even numbered districts in 2014 and for odd numbered districts in 2016.

While School Board members are elected by voting districts, they strive to serve every child in the school system. Board members are interested in the views and opinions of parents about our schools and welcome those comments. Feel free to communicate with them through their designated email. These emails are not private and may be reviewed by media and other members of the general public.

If parents have particular concerns about activities at their child’s school, they are encouraged to seek a solution at the school first by contacting the teacher and then the principal if necessary. If a parent still has concerns, the office of the Superintendent can provide an appropriate contact for further assistance.

Angela Durham
First District
Dan Cash
Second District
Eliot Mitchell
Anne McGraw
Fourth District
Gary Anderson
Fifth District
Jay Galbreath
Sixth District
Sheila Cleveland
Seventh District
Candy Emerson
Rick Wimberly
Ninth District
Eric Welch
Tenth District
KC Haugh
Eleventh District
Nancy Garrett
Vice Chairman
Twelfth District

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