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Allendale Elementary

Principal: Cindy Davis
Colors: Green & Gold
Mascot: Alligators
Enrollment: 816
Established: 2010
Location: 2100 Prescott Way, Spring Hill, TN
Phone: (615) 472-5130

Allendale Elementary School is located on land once owned by the family of Violet Allen. Allen began working for Williamson County Schools as a Speech and Hearing teacher in August of 1965. She later became the district’s first Special Education Coordinator. She retired in the spring of 1986 with 36 years of educational service.

Bethesda Elementary

Principal: Steve Fisher
Colors: Royal Blue & White
Mascot: Dragons
Enrollment: 548
Established: 1936
Location: 4907 Bethesda Rd., Thompson’s Station, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4200

The first school in Bethesda was an elementary school in the late 1800’s. Due to growth, a new school was built that burned and was rebuilt in 1936. The school had become a first through twelfth grade school in the early 1900’s but became an elementary school again in 1975, when the high school was moved to another location. The present Bethesda Elementary School was built in 1990, as a Pre-K-5 school and has undergone classroom additions in 1996 and 2009. Since 1992, Bethesda has split four times to form four new schools. Oak View Elementary opened in 1994, Heritage Elementary opened in 1999, Chapman’s Retreat Elementary opened in 2003, and Allendale Elementary opened in 2010 due to growth in the area.

Chapman’s Retreat Elementary

Principal: Carol Garrett
Colors: Red & Blue
Mascot: Cheetahs
Enrollment: 760
Established: 2003
Location: 1000 Secluded Lane, Spring Hill, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4300

Chapman’s Retreat Elementary, serving grades K-5, was established in 2003. The doors were opened on August 11, for a full day of school. The first year began with 361 students and 28 classroom teachers. Today, the school serves over 700 students with more than 50 teachers.

Clovercroft Elementary

Principal: Dr. Elizabeth Vest
Colors: Green & Gold
Mascot: Colts
Enrollment: 793
Established: 2011
Location: 9336 Clovercroft Rd., Franklin, TN
Phone: (615) 472-5170

Built to relieve overcrowding of Trinity Elementary, Clovercroft Elementary enrollment has increased over 180 students in the first two years.

College Grove Elementary

Principal: Katherine Lillard
Colors: Royal Blue & White
Mascot: Rockets
Enrollment: 266
Established: 1936
Location: 6668 Arno-College Grove Rd., College Grove, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4320

A boys’ school, Carey-Winn Academy, was located on the land that College Grove Elementary School now occupies. However, the Civil War closed the Academy as most instructors and students left to fight for the Confederacy. In 1912, a high school was erected and a gymnasium added in 1924. A four-room elementary school was added in 1936, followed by another four rooms, a cafeteria, an agricultural building, an auditorium, a new gymnasium and a new cafeteria between 1936 and 1968. After grades 7-12 students were moved to the new Page High School in 1975, extensive remodeling was completed in 1976 to make the school suitable for a K-6 school. In 1981, the sixth grade moved to the new Page Middle School. In the spring of 1993, the doors opened to a new K-5 school, College Grove Elementary.

Crockett Elementary

Principal: Robert Bohrer
Colors: Royal Blue & Gray
Mascot: Pioneers
Enrollment: 784
Established: 1990
Location: 9019 Crockett Rd., Brentwood, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4340

Crockett Elementary was established in 1990, with classroom additions constructed in 1993 and 2008. Growth in the area resulted in the construction of three new schools to accommodate area students: Edmondson Elementary in 1995; Kenrose Elementary in 1999; and Sunset Elementary in 2005.

Edmondson Elementary

Principal: Trent Satterfield
Colors: Blue & Green
Mascot: Explorers
Enrollment: 748
Established: 1995
Location: 851 Edmondson Pike, Brentwood, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4360

Edmondson Elementary School is a suburban elementary school located in the hills of Brentwood, Tennessee. The school was completed for the beginning of the 1995-1996 school year with a classroom addition completed in 2009. Many volunteers have worked endless hours to create the school’s nature trail, amphitheater and outdoor classroom.

Fairview Elementary

Principal: Brent Oakley
Colors: Red, Purple & Gold
Mascot: Hawks
Enrollment: 454
Established: 1962
Location: 2640 Fairview Blvd., Fairview, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4380

Fairview Elementary School opened in August 1962, with an enrollment of 533 students in grades 1-8. The school was built to fill an existing need for a comprehensive consolidated elementary school in the western part of Williamson County. It united Triangle, New Hope and Fairview schools. In 1971, grades 7 and 8 were moved to the high school and in 1972, a kindergarten program was implemented. Due to continued growth in the area, the sixth grade was transferred to Fairview Middle School in 1982 and the fifth grade in 1988. In January 2001, Westwood Elementary School was opened due to increased enrollment in the area allowing the fifth graders to return to the elementary school.

Grassland Elementary

Principal: Dr. Ann Gordon
Colors: Blue & Gold
Mascot: Eagles
Enrollment: 519
Established: 1873
Location: 6803 Manley Lane, Brentwood, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4480

History and tradition often spark the off-shoot of a true sense of pride. Grassland Elementary School pride runs deep as it abounds with 125 years of educational history. Sunnyside School was built in approximately 1873, on Hillsboro Road, north of Sneed Hill. Having grown and needing larger facilities, the school moved into a new building in January 1911, just south of the original location on a hill overlooking present day Moran Road, and changed its name to Grassland. After World War II, Grassland once again found a new home. In the fall of 1950, Grassland Elementary opened the doors of its new Bethlehem Loop location with 240 students in grades K-8. In 1972, the school was changed to K-6 and in 1990 Grassland Elementary became a K-5 school. The present facility on Manley Lane opened in August 1992.

Heritage Elementary

Principal: Shannon Robertson
Colors: Gray, Burgundy & Green
Mascot: Eagles
Enrollment: 715
Established: 1999
Location: 4801 Columbia Pike, Thompson’s Station, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4520

Heritage Elementary School is nestled in the country side of Thompson’s Station in the southern part of Williamson County. The school opened its doors on August 16, 1999. The area has seen constant growth since that time. The school serves Pre-K through fifth grade.

Hillsboro School

Principal: Mrs. Alicia Justice
Colors: Red & White
Mascot: Indians
Enrollment: 516
Established: 1905
Location: 5412 Pinewood Rd., Franklin, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4560

Hillsboro School celebrated its 100th birthday in 1991. It began as a private school in the Leiper’s Fork community and was purchased by the Williamson County Board of Education in 1905. The school continued at the same campus until a lightning strike in 1930 burned the original buildings. In 1933, the Williamson County Board of Education rebuilt the facility. Hillsboro’s enrollment increased to 550 students in 1976 with the consolidation of Burwood and Evergreen Schools. In 1979, high school students were dispersed to Franklin and Fairview High Schools. A new $4 million facility was built in 1981. In 2012, the Hillsboro Performing Arts Center (HPAC) was dedicated. Lastly, just outside the Hillsboro gym door is Heritage Hall, a special hallway celebrating Hillsboro’s historical legacy in photographs.

Hunters Bend Elementary

Principal: Chad Walker
Colors: Green & White
Mascot: Hound Dogs
Enrollment: 568
Established: 1995
Location: 2121 Fieldstone Pkwy., Franklin, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4580

Hunters Bend Elementary opened in 1995 with an enrollment of 319 students. A 10-classroom wing was added in 1998, and an outdoor science classroom in 1999. The school building currently has 34 classrooms, a multi-purpose gymnasium, cafeteria and a spacious library. The school’s property is bordered on two sides by the historic Little Harpeth River.

Kenrose Elementary

Principal: Dr. Marilyn Webb
Colors: Red & Yellow
Mascot: Cardinals
Enrollment: 822
Established: 1999
Location: 1702 Raintree Pkwy., Brentwood, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4630

Kenrose Elementary School, established in the fall of 1999, is a neighborhood elementary school located adjacent to Ravenwood High School in Brentwood, Tennessee. The land on which Kenrose was built was sold by the Kennon family for the sole purpose of building an elementary school. Thus, the name Kenrose was chosen to honor Emmett Kennon’s wife, Rose, and the Kennon family. Kenrose serves kindergarten through fifth grade students. An eight-classroom addition was completed in 2009. Kenrose has a very diverse student population, with students representing many different cultures and countries of the world.

Lipscomb Elementary

Principal: Michelle Contich
Colors: Green & White
Mascot: Bears
Enrollment: 863
Established: 1866
Location: 8011 Concord Rd., Brentwood, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4650

The original “Lipscomb Academy” School was founded in 1866, by Professor William Lipscomb who came from Murfreesboro. Students came from as far away as Kentucky and Alabama to attend the wooden two-room school. The original two-room building continued to be used until 1948, when it was replaced with a new larger brick building. When the building was destroyed by fire in 1958, students attended classes at the old Franklin High School. Students returned to a new building, which was built on the original foundation, in 1959. Classrooms, a cafeteria and gymnasium were added in 1965 and 1970. In 1972, the 7th and 8th grades moved to the new Northside Junior High (now Brentwood Middle School), and in 1986, the 6th grade moved to the new middle school. In 1993, a new school building was constructed behind the old school, and the old school was torn down to make room for new playgrounds and additional parking. Another classroom addition was completed in 2009.

Longview Elementary

Principal: Dr. Gabrina Charles
Colors: Navy & Light Gray
Mascot: Lizards
Enrollment: 825
Established: 2007
Location: 2929 Commonwealth Dr., Spring Hill, TN
Phone: (615) 472-5060

Longview Elementary was constructed in 2007, to relieve the overcrowding at Heritage Elementary. Since that time Longview has seen another sister school, Allendale Elementary, open to relieve overcrowding at Longview.

Nolensville Elementary

Principal: Paula Waits
Colors: Red & White
Mascot: Cardinals
Enrollment: 881
Established: Early Post-Civil War
Location: 2338 Rocky Fork Rd., Nolensville, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4690

Rich in history, dating back to shortly after the Civil War, Nolensville School has been an established institution in Williamson County for many years. In 1972, the old Nolensville School was built and necessitated three additions before the Nolensville Elementary School Cardinals moved to a new building a short distance down the road in 2007.

Oak View Elementary

Principal: Dr. Tom Morris
Colors: Forest Green
Mascot: Owls
Enrollment: 624
Established: 1993
Location: 2390 Henpeck Lane, Franklin, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4710

The Bethesda area was growing rapidly; therefore, Oak View Elementary was opened in 1993 to keep class sizes and student/teacher ratios low. The Saturn Corporation’s Spring Hill plant helped the area to expand quickly causing Oak View Elementary to grow to be the largest elementary school in the Williamson County School District at that time. A classroom addition was constructed in 1996. To further accommodate the growing population, Heritage Elementary School was built in Thompson’s Station in 1999, and in 2002, Winstead Elementary also grew out of Oak View Elementary.

Pearre Creek Elementary

Principal: Dr. Stephanie Goff
Colors: Silver, Black & Blue
Mascot: Panthers
Enrollment: 652
Location: 1811 Townsend Blvd., Franklin, TN
Phone: (615) 472-5150

Pearre (pronounced Perry) Creek Elementary School pays homage to one of Williamson County’s founding families. The name Pearre refers to Revolutionary War veteran Joshua Pearre who moved with his family to Tennessee in the early 1800?s. For generations, his family lived in the area where the Westhaven subdivision is now located. The Pearres eventually sold the real estate to Southern Land Company which donated the 14 acres for the new school.

Scales Elementary

Principal: Dr. Melonye Lowe
Colors: Blue & White
Mascot: Mustangs
Enrollment: 702
Established: 1977
Location: 6430 Murray Lane, Brentwood, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4830

Scales Elementary School opened in the fall of 1977. Scales originally served a student population in grades K-6, but currently serves the student enrollment in grades K-5. A classroom addition was completed in 1992, and a gym was added in 1994. Extensive renovations were completed in 2013.

Sunset Elementary

Principal: Karen Caldwell
Colors: Titans Blue & Navy Blue
Mascot: Stallions
Enrollment: 774
Established: 2005
Location: 100 Sunset Trail, Brentwood, TN
Phone: (615) 472-5020

Sunset Elementary opened in August 2005, and shares a campus in Brentwood with Sunset Middle School which opened in January 2006.

Trinity Elementary

Principal: Chris Schwartz
Colors: Royal Blue & Orange
Mascot: Tigers
Enrollment: 570
Established: 1883
Location: 4410 Murfreesboro Rd., Franklin, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4850

Trinity Elementary has a long and rich history in Williamson County. The first charter was granted in 1883 for the Trinity Academy. It met in the Trinity Methodist Church. Twice, the church was hit by tornadoes, and twice the church members rebuilt. A third location for Trinity school, on Wilson Pike, was built in 1947. In the beginning, it served children in grades 1-12, then 1-8, and finally K-5. The fourth, and final, location for Trinity Elementary School is at its present location on Murfreesboro Road. This building was built in 1990, and additional wings were added in 1994, 1998 and 2008.

Walnut Grove Elementary

Principal: Dr. Kate Donnelly
Colors: Red, Blue & White
Mascot: Grizzlies
Enrollment: 610
Established: 1990
Location: 326 Stable Rd., Franklin, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4870

Walnut Grove was established in 1990, with a classroom addition in 2004, to serve students from early childhood through fifth grade.

Westwood Elementary

Principal: Valerie Garcia
Colors: Red, White, & Blue
Mascot: Tigers
Enrollment: 567
Established: 2000
Location: 7200 Tiger Trail, Fairview, TN
Phone: (615) 472-4890

In August 2000, Fairview Elementary and Westwood Elementary students shared a location until the new building for Westwood was completed. In January 2001, Westwood students moved into the new Westwood Elementary School to create a history of their own in the Fairview area.

Winstead Elementary

Principal: Kathy Wells
Colors: Purple & Gold
Mascot: Wildcats
Enrollment: 538
Established: 2002
Phone: (615) 472-4910

Winstead Elementary School was built in 2002, and named in honor of neighboring historical Winstead Hill.