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Alternative Learning Center

The vision of the Alternative Learning Center (ALC) of Williamson County Schools is to provide an authentic learning experience and to promote restoration and responsibility to the students we serve in our community.

Our Program

The ALC serves suspended students in WCS middle and high schools, grades 7-12. The ALC provides an experience for our students that focuses on them as individuals and gives them the tools to find the ownership and wisdom to forge a new path for themselves. All our students are with us because they made a choice, or series of choices, and are in need of some level of support. The ALC provides community, opportunities, and activities for students to become more self-aware and learn to manage their behaviors and decision making in a structured format. We are a commitment-based culture that guides students to identify their personal values and work together as a community during their suspension. 

The Odyssey Program

All students at the ALC participate in our Odyssey program, a program designed to help students earn their way back to their school communities and learn new skills and competencies to reintegrate back into school as an active participant. This program is designed to be a therapeutic response to a student’s specific situation and personal needs. Students engage in community building and small group activities to learn the following 5 competencies:

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision Making


ALC teachers follow the Williamson County Schools’ Scope and Sequence. All standard level tested subjects are explicitly taught by our teachers including middle school core classes, English I-IV, Biology, Chemistry, US History, Economics, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Spanish I, and Spanish II. All other classes are facilitated and tutored by the ALC staff.

For all facilitated classes, our serving teachers of record will send work via Schoology to students and ALC teachers. Teachers of record will receive grade updates from ALC teachers at the grade reporting periods and upon a student’s return to school. All school assigned textbooks and chromebooks should be brought to the ALC by the student or family. If students are not making adequate academic progress, the serving school administrators, teachers of record, and families will be notified. Semester and final exams are sent to ALC by school of record.


Working with Our Students

The ALC uses the Restorative Practices framework to empower students and teach problem solving in all areas of their scheduled school day. The purpose of Restorative Practices is to teach students to build community, manage conflict, and repair harm caused by personal choices. All ALC staff have been trained thoroughly in the Restorative Practices framework. While the ALC still has clear structures and high expectations, the staff intentionally builds relationships with students to model and encourage growth and success.

To achieve these restorative purposes, the staff utilizes such daily interventions as morning meetings, academic advisories, restorative circles, restorative conferencing, and impromptu conferences to guide and teach students towards personal success and leadership.