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Equipping students with the information they need to succeed both at school and outside of school is very important to SES. We have provided lots of information and websites from the WCS District and the SES Instructional Coaches to use at home.

DreamBox (opens in a new window)

Dreambox is an online resource that focuses on making mathematical practice fun and meaningful.

Story Line Online (opens in a new window)

Story Line Online is a reading resource. Story Line Online has many celebrities reading engaging stories to students.

ABCya (opens in a new window)

ABCya has a variety of reading, math, and science activities and games. This website will allow students to have fun and learn all in one.

Dance Mat Typing (opens in a new window)

Dance Mat Typing teaches students how to properly hold their hands and type on a keyboard.

Starfall (opens in a new window)

Starfall is a reading and math online resources that teaches students letters, sounds, and blends. Students interactively listen and play games while learning more about letters and numbers.

Tumblebooks (opens in a new window)

Tumblebooks is an online resources that allows students to choose a choice book based not the reading level and hear a story read.