School Counseling

SES Counseling

As a part of our comprehensive, developmental School Counseling program at Scales Elementary, our counselor serves our students, parents, and teachers through a wide variety of services.  Some of the services include:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Small Group Counseling
  • Character Education through classroom lessons
  • 504 Coordinator
  • Counseling Connection (updates in Scales E-News)
  • Consultation and Collaboration with Parents, Teachers, and Administrators

Elementary School Counselors help students learn the skills and attitudes necessary to be successful learners and citizens.  We emphasize with students that the classroom is their first workplace.  Developing skills in communication, decision-making, interpersonal relationships, and career awareness are all important in life as well as important in a counseling relationship.  Since it facilitates trust, school counselors uphold the highest professionalism in all relationships.  Information shared will be taken in confidence.

School Counselors promote excellence through their work in four program areas:

  • Responsive Services- personal and crisis counseling, small group counseling, 504 and support services
  • Classroom Curriculum- classroom lessons, character education, group activities, newsletters, and transition issues
  • System Support- staff and community relations
  • Individual Planning- test planning and interpretation

Lunch Bunch is a small group session designed to boost self-esteem, social skills, and increase peer relations.  Students are invited to join either Mrs. Coyle or Ms. Barber and other students for lunch once a week, where they complete activities and have discussion pertaining to their group topic.  Any student can attend, and sessions will be planned according to specific needs of the overall student population.

Possible Groups:

Self-Esteem– Small group sessions to boost students’ confidence.

Social Skills– Lessons to build an understanding of positive school behaviors.

Making and Keeping Friends– Reflecting on the characteristics of good friends.

Family Changes (Separation/Divorce)– Helping students cope with their parents’ divorce.

Grief and Loss– Small group sessions to help students with their grief.

NOTE:  Some groups may be scheduled during a time other than lunch.  Best efforts are made in collaboration with teachers to be sure students do not miss an extended amount of instruction time.
Please talk with the School Counselor, Mrs. Coyle, if you feel your child could benefit from a Lunch Bunch group.  Contact Elaine Coyle 

All students are free to talk with Mrs. Coyle about any personal concerns they may have.  This may range from anxiety about coming to school or test-taking, to coping with the loss of a loved one.  A student may be referred by teachers, parents, or self-referral.

Mrs. Coyle consults and collaborates with parents, teachers, and administrators whenever a need or concern arises.  She is happy to schedule a time to talk with parents in person, via the phone, or through email communication.  You may meet informally through a parent/teacher conference with Mrs. Coyle’s presence requested, or in a formal meeting through the RtI/504/IEP process.