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Scales Elementary

Hours of Operation: 8:30-4:30
School Hours: 8:50-3:50
6430 Murray Lane, Brentwood, TN 37027


Scales Handbook (PDF)

Scales Elementary School was opened in the fall of 1977.  Scales originally served a student population in grades K-6.  Currently, Scales serves the student enrollment in grades K-5.  The students of Scales live primarily in a residential area west of Franklin Rd.  The population and ethnic make-up of Scales is reflective of the community and is of an increasingly diverse cultural and social background.  Scales’ leaders believe the school is an extension of the community and guided by democratic principles, dedicated to enhancing the rights and privileges of citizens, and laying a foundation for leadership.

Scales Elementary School is proud to offer additional enrichment activities to continually challenge our student population.  During the school year, students participate in several after school clubs.  Classes are often created based on student interest.  Some of our classes from previous years include: “Cup-cakery”, French and Spanish, “Promethean Professionals”, “Mad Scientist”, “Big Time Healthy”, “Lego-Mania”, Irish Dancing and many more!  Students can also choose to become a part of our Destination ImagiNation team, where students work together in teams on various projects requiring creative problem solving skills.  Those teams compete and often become recognized as some of the top teams in the state.  We are very proud of our students!

We recognize that children learn at different rates.  Formal learning is greatly reduced if your child is not in school.  Legitimate excuses for absences are personal illness, death in the family and religious holidays.  All absences are considered “unexcused” until a note is sent from home within 48 hours of the absence.  E-mail notes will suffice.  If your child is to be excused during the day for a medical appointment, please send a note stating the time you wish to pick up your child.  NO CHILD IS PERMITTED TO GO HOME UNLESS THE PARENT (OR PERSON DESIGNATED BY THE PARENT ON THE EMERGENCY CARD) COMES TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE.  It is the goal of SES to attain an average daily attendance of 98%.

The only students who should arrive at school before 8:00am are those enrolled in SACC.  When arriving at school between 8:30 and 8:40, students will go to their grade-level areas.  All students must be in the classroom by 8:50.  Students not in the classroom by 8:50 will be counted tardy.   Bus riders are NOT counted tardy when their bus is late.  Tardy students should come to the office with a parent to sign a tardy note before going to their classroom.  Excessive tardies will be considered unexcused  and the principal may request a medical note, as per district guidelines.  Excessive tardies will result in disciplinary action.

Dismissal will begin at 3:50PM.   Students not picked up by 4:00 are taken to the front office where a parent will have to pick them up.  STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED BACK IN THE CLASSROOM AFTER DISMISSAL.


Our primary form of communication to our families will be through email.  Please be sure to clearly indicate your primary email address(es) on the emergency card for each child.  If there is any change during the school year, please come into the office to make the adjustment to all applicable emergency cards.   We will also utilize the school system’s telephone notification system to relay important information to all families.

All teachers have a classroom website and their individual e-mail addresses and phone extensions can be found on our Staff Directory page.

Emergency Information

It is vitally important in times of emergency that the school is in possession of information that will enable us to promptly and directly reach the parents.  Please be sure to return a completed blue dismissal form with contact information.  If there are any changes through the year, please notify the office immediately.  In the event of an early dismissal during the school day (such as inclement weather), we will follow the instructions as provided by you on the dismissal form.

Illnesses:  Because germs spread so easily from child to child, we ask that you follow a few basic guidelines regarding attendance.  A child should not be in school if he or she has a contagious illness (such as  “pink eye”, strep throat, etc.), head lice or fever.  Please do not send a student to school until he has been fever free for 24 hours.

MEDICATION: Any non-prescribed medication to be dispensed must be discussed with the school nurse.  Students who need to take prescribed medication must have the appropriate form available in the clinic, signed by the physician and parent before the medication can be brought to school.  The medication must be in the original bottle, brought in by the parent, and be left in the clinic.

CLINIC:  The school has an equipped clinic managed by a full-time registered nurse and is prepared to deal with minor accidents such as scrapes and abrasions.  In the event of a sickness or an accident needing further attention, the school will notify the parents or designated person immediately.

If you have questions, please contact our school nurse, Mandi Thompson (mandi.thompson@wcs.edu).

Students arriving and leaving by bus will use the cafeteria entrance.  Students are to ride their assigned bus and are to be picked up and delivered to their home address ONLY.  Students may only ride their assigned bus.  If a child is to get off their bus at a different address than usual, a note must be given to the driver.

Transportation changes:   If you need to have your child changed from a bus rider to a car rider (or vice versa), please send a note to the teacher in the morning on the day you wish to make the change.  Parents are not to go to the buses and take children off before they leave the school grounds.  Students cannot change buses.  If, in an emergency, a child needs to ride a different bus other than the one they normally ride, a note from the parent needs to be brought to the principal to be signed.  The student will then give the note to the driver, notifying him/her of the change.  If a note is not sent to school, parents are to call the front office to schedule the transportation change by 3:15 pm.

Messages for students may be taken by the office when there is an emergency or when it is essential for the student to receive information.  Students will not usually be called to the phone.  Since our phones are constantly in use for school business, students may not use an office telephone to call home.  Parents are encouraged to call teachers when they have questions.  Teachers will return calls when they have planning time and time-sensitive information should not be left on voice-mail – please call the front office for this.

Teachers will schedule conferences by appointment if needed.  September’s conferences will be done outside of regular school hours.  Your child’s teacher will provide more information.


Williamson County Schools wants to make sure every child in Williamson County  gets the help they need to learn and grow.  Do you know a child who:

·  is between the ages of birth and 22 years?

·  is growing and learning at a delayed  rate compared to other kids    the same age?

·  has a hard time learning?

If so, please call the Student Support Services office at (615) 472-4130 so they can receive all the help they need

Students will participate in field trips with written parental permission.  We encourage field trips as an extension of classroom activities.  Parents may be requested to accompany their child’s class when help is needed and bus space is available.  We hope you are able to volunteer your time.

Fire and tornado drills are necessary for the safety of the students and staff, therefore we practice them throughout the year.   We ask you to sign in at the office so that we know exactly how many people are in the building.

According to school board policy, no apparel, dress or grooming that is, or may become, potentially disruptive to the classroom atmosphere or educational process will be permitted.  Neatness, cleanliness and self-respect make a desirable learning environment for all students. The administration reserves the right to determine appropriate dress as required.

Please note the following standards for appropriate dress:

1) No tank tops, crop tops, fishnet/see-through material or spaghetti straps.

2)   No short skirts, short shorts or short skorts.

3)  No flip-flops, clogs, sneakers with rolling wheels, platforms or wedge heel shoes.  Students participate in PE and/or recess each day and should consider wearing tennis shoes each day.

4)  No hats.

5)  No low riding pants.  Underwear should not be visible.

6)  No inappropriate pictures/language/slogans.

To ensure the safety of children, anyone entering the school MUST sign in at the front office and provide a photo ID.  No one is permitted to go directly to a classroom.  Items to be given to a student must be left in the front office.  In order to assure quality time for your school-age child, we ask that younger brothers/sisters not be brought to school while you are volunteering in the classroom.

Scales has a “lost & found” clothes table in the cafeteria. Please write your child’s name on all personal property and check the clothes table frequently.

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