Our Philosophy

Our Spartan school counselors provide support to all students and help address their academic achievement, college and career readiness, and social and emotional development.  Topics can include:

  • Academic Achievement like course selection, time management, and graduation requirements
  • College and Career Readiness like how to apply to college, find scholarships and other financial aid, career information
  • Social and Emotional Development like anxiety and stress management and overall mental health, issues with boyfriends/girlfriends, concerns about getting along with siblings

Our Vision

All students from Summit High School thrive in their environment and realize their greatest potential.  They are fully engaged in lifelong learning, and they actively seek new and challenging experiences that expand their worldviews.  Through participation in the Summit High School comprehensive school counseling program, our students master knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their post-secondary goals. Students utilize these skills to nurture relationships and solidify their self-worth in navigating the many complexities of the 21st century.  Our students are employed or on track for employment in a career that matches their individual interests, abilities, and values and are productive contributors in a diverse global society.

Our Mission

The school counseling department at Summit High School empowers all students to achieve their highest potential by addressing their individual needs through a comprehensive school counseling program.  Students will become independent and critical thinkers through their participation in research based, data-driven interventions that promote academic achievement, social-emotional growth, and post-secondary opportunities for all students.  The school counseling department partners with other educators and stakeholders to encourage student autonomy, emotional intelligence, resilience and employability.

Counseling Staff

The SHS counselors and staff are dedicated to helping students succeed in high school and making the transition to college or career. Please contact counselors or staff with concerns or questions.

NameJob TitleTelephoneLinks
Janet Argo
School Psychologist
Bethany Ball
School Counselor, Last Names Sj - Z
Sarah Curtis
School Social Worker
Theresa Everding
Kellie Fuselier
STARS Counselor
Hannah Harris
Speech Therapist
Joyce Hollins
School Counselor, Last Names N - Si
Watson McCord
RTI Behavior Specialist
Mia Monroe
School Counselor, Last Names I - M
Kelley Neal
Counseling Center Secretary
Addy Sullivan
School Counselor, Last Names A - C
Kelsey Tarr
School Counselor, Last Names D-H
Abby West
Mercy Therapist