Summit High School Counseling Department

The SHS counselors and staff are dedicated to helping students succeed in high school and making the transition to college or career. Please contact counselors or staff with concerns or questions.

NameJob TitleTelephoneLinks
Janet Argo
School Psychologist
Bethany Ball
School Counselor, 9 - 12 Grades, Last Names S - Z
Sarah Curtis
School Social Worker
Theresa Everding
Hannah Harris
Speech Therapist
Joyce Hollins
School Counselor 9 - 12 Grades, Last Names L - R
Renee Marsee
Counseling Administrative Assistant
Erika McMurtrey
STARS Counselor
Mia Monroe
School Counselor, Grades 9 - 12, Last Names E-K
Addy Sullivan
School Counselor, Graduation Coach