Planning for a Successful High School Career

Take an active part in mapping out and carefully planning your high school courses for a successful high school career. High school planning helps students track and plan their high school courses so that it aligns with their academic and career goals through course offerings, planning guides, and graduation requirements.

Summit-based assistance

  • Remediation– Teachers provide remediation assistance during the first portion of the midday break for remediation, test retakes, and extra help.
  • Writing Lab– The Summit English department provides support for students with any writing assignments, scholarship and college application essays, and more on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room B221 during the remediation time.
  • Math Tutor– Summit has a full-time math tutor, Mrs. Head, on site, Mondays through Thursdays.  Students can work with Mrs. Head during their study hall time or during lunch.

Off site assistance

  • Homework Hotline – 615-298-6636 – 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM, Monday through Thursday.  Help is available from teachers in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and more!
To register for an AP exam, follow these four steps:

  • AP Exam Registration –  Students need to ask their AP teacher for the AP code for their class, set up their AP account, and use the code o join their AP class online. It is a similar process to a Google Classroom, just through an AP Portal. Once they are set up in their AP class, the student will find a place to indicate whether or not they are going to take the AP exam.
  • AP Test Fees – There is a fee of $94 per exam as long as the student indicates they are going to take the AP exam through the AP Portal prior to November 1st.  The fee increases to $188 per exam on and after November 1st.  A minimum $52 per exam non-refundable deposit is due by October 20th. The fee for students on free or reduced lunch is $15/exam.
  • AP Test Dates– Exam dates are set by the College Board and cannot be changed. Please plan ahead.
  • AP Exam Information – AP exams will take place in the Auxiliary Gym of Summit High School. Students are to report to the gym at 7:30 AM for morning exams, and 11:30 AM for afternoon exams.  They do not have to report to school on the day they have an AP exam.

Additional Resources

  • Many AP courses have summer reading or assignment expectations.  Know what it is and complete it prior to the start of the school year.
  • Difference between AP and Academic Courses– Document that outlines the difference between standard/honors classes and AP classes.
  • For general information about what each AP course covers, please visit the College Board AP Course Information page.

For more information on AP courses offered at Summit, please see our course offerings.

Credit recovery is available only in core subject area classes (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish I and II), as well as Lifetime Wellness and Psychology. If a student fails a course that is required for graduation, and that failing grade is between a 50 and a 69, the student will need to complete credit recovery.  Please follow these steps to complete the credit recovery process:

  • Download a copy of the Credit Recovery Contract and fill in the courses that need to be completed through credit recovery. Make certain both pages of the contract are reviewed and signed by both the student and the parent.
  • Take the contract to the appropriate counselor for his/her signature verifying the accuracy of the information on the contract.
  • The student takes the signed contract to the secretary in the School Counseling Office, along with the Credit Recovery Fee (see below). The secretary will give the contract to the assistant principal who oversees the credit recovery program.
  • Once the assistant principal enters the students into the credit recovery computer system, he/she will communicate the login information to the student.
  • The student is welcome to begin working on the credit recovery lessons.

Credit Recovery Fees– There is a $50/course fee for credit recovery.  This fee can be paid online or by taking cash or a check to Renee Marsee in the counseling office.  Student who qualify for free or reduced lunch do not have to pay the fee, but they do need to complete and submit the credit recovery contract.

During school credit recovery can be accessed during study hall, remediation time, and lunch.  The computer lab is supervised by a faculty or staff member at those times.

After school credit recovery starts after Labor Day and meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until 4:00 PM.  Students must provide their own transportation home.

Summer credit recovery is available in June, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  Contract and fees must be submitted prior to the end of the regular school year to be enrolled in summer credit recovery.

Graduation Requirements explains the minimum requirements for earning a high school diploma in the state of Tennessee.

WCS High School Graduation Pathways explains the Tennessee “elective focus” graduation requirement and the options available  for meeting this pathway expectation.

College, Career and Technical Education explains the courses of study available within the 16 career cluster areas across all of Williamson County.

SHS Graduation Checklist helps you keep track of your progress toward your high school diploma or one of the options for graduating with honors and/or distinction.

Williamson County Board Policies related to graduation:
Graduation requirements (Board Policy 4.605)
Credit Requirements for Graduation (Board Policy 4.6051)
Graduation with Honors or Distinction (Board Policy 4.60511)

Registration Information

  • Registration Information explains various aspects of course selection for the current school year.
  • Registration is done through Skyward
  • The 2019 – 2020 Course List  includes all classes offered at Summit High School for the 2019 – 2020 School Year.
  • The Online Learning Program (OLP)  offers online classes to students in ninth through twelfth grades who are enrolled in one of the district’s high schools. The OLP courses are taught in a hybrid format, with most of the work being online and two required in-person meetings each month. The OLP informational video provides more information on this incredible opportunity. If this is a fit for you, you can apply online.
  • The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC) offers a unique opportunity for students in ninth through twelfth grades to gain hands-on experience in entrepreneurship and innovation by starting a business, launching a product, or offering a service. Students interested in  the EIC must apply online by March 15, 2019. This video can help you determine if the EIC is right for you!
  • WCS Program Planning Guide includes course descriptions, course sequences, and more for all of Williamson County Schools.

Special Situation Forms

  • Course Override Form is for students who were recommended for a particular level for a course, but who feel they want to take a different level.  For example, the student was recommended for standard English but he/she prefers to take the AP level.  Once this form is submitted and approved the student cannot change the schedule.
  • Dual Enrollment Guidance provides information about dual enrollment at Columbia State. This is available for 11th and 12th grade students.  Courses count for both high school credit and college credit.
  • Online Course Request Form is the form to begin the approval process for online school. Approval must be given prior to registering for the course, and must be given by Williamson County Schools central office.
  • State Approved Distance Learning Programs shows school options for online courses.
  • PE Waiver Form is for students who have participated in one of the approved extracurricular activities that can be used as a substitute for taking the PE class.
  • Seven Course Request Form is for students who prefer to take seven classes and not have a study hall.  Freshmen are strongly encouraged to keep the study hall course.
  • Senior Exam Exemptions provides guidelines regarding qualifying to be exempt from semester exams.
Complete Enrollment Packet includes all forms you will need to fill out as an incoming student at SHS.  Please contact Theresa Everding  if you have any questions.