About Summit High School

Summit High School is part of the Williamson County School District in Middle Tennessee and is located in Spring Hill, TN. Our district is a large area consisting of 562 square miles and Summit High sits on approximately 72 acres. Summit High School opened in the Fall of 2011. Summit High School proper is a sprawling 266,000 square feet structure that is accompanied by a 5,200 square feet Early Childhood Development House. There are two existing outside storage buildings that are also part of the school. Academic facilities include:  8 science labs, 5 computer labs, band and choral rooms, a culinary arts classroom, a full production theater with seating for 469, and 57 additional classrooms. Athletic facilities include: two gymnasiums, two soccer fields, two football fields, a softball field, and a baseball field.

Summit High School was named to represent an ultimate point, a pinnacle of education. Former Page High School Principal, Dr. Andrea Anthony, recommended the name to the naming committee. The Summit High School mascot was chosen through a protracted process. The Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station communities were afforded the opportunity over a two-month period to nominate their mascot of choice through the Summit High School website. After tallying the nominations, the Rams, Spartans, and Stallions, received the highest nominations. There were 50 different mascots nominated! After much publicizing of the final three choices, which included providing renderings on the website, there was a two-week period for voting. It was a one vote per household for all families in the Summit High School zone and feeder pattern. With over 350 families voting, the Spartans received over 50% of the vote!