The Art of Expression

Sunset Middle provides each student with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves into the arts.  Along the way, passion and talents are unveiled as students are free to express themselves as individuals.

Art is a nine-week class as part of our Fine Arts rotation at Sunset Middle School. Students explore different techniques and media including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and clay. See your counselor to sign up for art class.

Sunset offers an extensive Instrumental Music program including a band at every grade level as well as a jazz ensemble.
The sixth-grade band is a beginning level class with emphasis on proper playing technique and music reading.

The seventh-grade band is an intermediate level class. This class also emphasizes proper playing technique and music reading, as well as scales and grade Level Two musical literature.

The eighth-grade band is an advanced level class in which the students continue to develop their playing skill. Technique, music reading, and music theory are the focus as this group explores grade Level Three music.

Percussion ensemble is a class where all of the students will learn basic rudiments, scales, sticking technique, mallet technique, timpani technique as well as ensemble work. This class is offered only to 7th and 8th grade students.

In Jazz Band, tools of improvisation, including the blues, will be studied. A variety of musical styles, including Swing, Jazz-Rock, Latin, and Ballad, will be performed using a traditional “Big Band” instrumentation. Students may also play in a combo format. All instrumentalists in 7th and 8th grade are encouraged to participate. The jazz band is open to ALL instruments, not just the standard jazz instruments. The dates and times of rehearsals for jazz band will be announced at a later date.

Chorus is a year-round ensemble whose goal is to provide opportunities for students to perform literature from a variety of genres, time periods, and vocal styles with stylistic accuracy. In the rehearsal process, students will be challenged not only to be better score readers, but also to aurally put together multiple vocal parts.

The Multimedia course is designed to develop and build on computer technology skills. Students will use a variety of computer software and web tools. Topics that will be covered are keyboarding, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, digital citizenship, Internet search skills, and coding. Students will participate in a variety of individual and group projects.

Students work in pairs to program Vex IQ robots using RobotC software. This course uses the Engineering Design Process to develop students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as develop their ability to communicate and work with other students. Students program their robots to complete a variety of tasks, using simple commands and input from the robot’s sensors. At the end of the course, students will complete a final project which encompasses all the material covered. This will be taught in conjunction with Multimedia for 8th grade.

It is the goal of Sunset Middle Strings to provide opportunities for students to perform literature from a variety of genres, time-periods, and composers. Students in 6th grade have the opportunity to join strings for a year-long commitment. After 6th grade, students may continue strings in 7th and 8th grades. Strings provides students with several performance opportunities throughout the year. There are two main string concerts and several casual and group performances, competitions and festivals each year.