The Role of the Counselor

School counselors are licensed professional educators who are specially trained in counseling interventions, theories, and techniques. Our school counselors are an integral part of the school’s total education program. They work with students, teachers, administrators, parents and community leaders to help students become responsible and productive citizens.

Our guidance counselors promote educational success, interpersonal skills, and self understanding through individual counseling.

Please contact our guidance counselors if you feel that your child needs one-on-one services to help them feel successful, happy, and safe here at Sunset.

Our school counselors host various groups to help students reach their full potential here at Sunset. Students are educated in decision making, problem solving, goal setting, self-esteem, environmental concerns and educational and occupational opportunities.

Lunch bunch is a group that focuses on helping students build friendships and communication skills. Students in this group are taught how to make meaningful friendships, solve problems, and increase self-esteem.

Our Changing Families group specifically focuses on students from divorced/separated families. The students will meet with the school counselor and the STARS Student Assistance Specialist during the school day, once a week, for 30-45 minutes, for six-eight weeks.

If you are interested in your child joining one of these groups, please contact Alyssa Earls.

Every grade level attends a guidance class as part of their specials rotation. Our school counselors help create, organize and implement the comprehensive, developmental school counseling program. As an integral part of the school counseling program’s effort, the Elementary School Counselor extends a hand to all students.

Through guidance class students are taught how to problem solve, build relationships, stay safe, and learn various other skills that help to develop the whole child.

Counseling Staff

NameJob TitleTelephoneLinks
Alyssa Earls
Guidance Counselor
Larry Gann
Guidance Counselor