Our Specials are Spectacular!

Students are able to engage in various activities from the arts to athletics through our specials classes. These teachers help educate and develop the whole child by providing creative outlets and healthy habits.

In Art we learn about the art elements and principles, how to use a variety of art materials, how artists influence culture, how to communicate our ideas visually, and how to grow as an artist in skill and knowledge.

Sunset has an annual art show in either the fall or spring and it is a time where family and friends can come and celebrate students’ hard work as an artist.

We love to have volunteers for the Art Department throughout the year.  If you like to hang artwork, take photos of student work, help in classroom, etc. please let us know.  If interested, please contact Elise Haines.

Most weeks, students will visit the computer lab to learn about technology, computer proficiency, and 21st Century skills. This year, we will be focusing both on technological readiness (typing, mouse skills, shortcut keys, etc.) and on technological application (coding, website building, research, etc.). Another strong focus this year will be on digital citizenship, or what it means to be a productive, positive, healthy member of the online world. By taking a holistic view on technology, we will advance each students’ understanding of not only how to use devices, but when and why.

In music classes at Sunset, we will learn to sing, play instruments, compose and create melodies and rhythms, and learn about different cultures through musical experiences.  Each grade level will participate in a music program at some point during the school year.  Students in 4th and 5th grade can join Sunset Singers, a choir that meets before school on Tuesdays from 7:45-8:25.  More details on this group will be sent through the school newsletter.

In PE students are taught cooperative games, fitness, and sport’s skills through basketball, hockey, soccer and more. Here at Sunset students get plenty of exercise and having fun while we do it!

In guidance class students are taught how to problem solve, build relationships, stay safe, and learn various other skills that help to develop the whole child. Students are given the opportunity to discuss social and emotional topics that frequently occur during the school day,  role play appropriate behaviors that help us become a good citizen, and engage in conversations about staying safe on the internet.

For more information about our guidance counselors, please visit our School Counseling page.

Every other week students will attend library. In library students are not only given the opportunity to checkout books, but they are also given instruction on how to find books that are a good fit for them while being exposed to several different genres. In addition, students engage in collaborative conversations and projects through technology, helping them dive even deeper into reading.

For more information about our media center, please visit our Media Center page.

Specials Staff

NameJob TitleTelephoneLinks
Wendy Cain
Darlene Carpenter
Art Teacher
Patrick DeFrancesco
PE Teacher
Alyssa Earls
Guidance Counselor
Larry Gann
Guidance Counselor
Elise Haines
Art Teacher
Sandy Ham
Music Teacher
Geoffrey Johnson
PE Teacher
Anne Johnston
PE Teacher
Michelle Kenley
Will Lambert
Music Teacher