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School Information & Helpful Forms

  • New Daily Bell Schedule
    Our bell schedule (PDF opens in a new window) changed this year. This is what a 
    new day looks like at Spring Station. 

  • Bus Route Information
    Unsure of what bus to ride or what time it will be at your stop? WCS provides current bus route information (opens in a new window) on stops and times. 

  • Report Card Dates
    Report card dates (opens in a new window) to mark on your calendar.

  • Computer Use Guidelines
    WCS expects all students to follow the mandatory guidelines (PDF opens in new window) for usage.

  • Texting Agreement
    In order to send and receive texts with any WCS employee, this form (PDF opens in new window) must be completed and returned to school.

  • Twitter Agreement
    Want to Tweet? If so, permission (PDF opens in new window) must be granted for students to access personal Twitter accounts. 

Parent & Student Helpful Links

  • Invest Now Spring Station!
    Support Spring Station School by visiting our online school management system to make an investment.(opens in a new window)
    Simply complete the donation form for your school and leave a description for your choice of investment to SSMS such as Academics, Arts, Athletics, Technology or General. Your investment is a tax deductible, charitable gift. Thank you for supporting SSMS!

  • WCS Family Access
    Stay up to date with Williamson County Schools Family Access (opens in a new window). This portal gives parents the ability to track their child’s academic progress safely and securely online.

  • Achieve 3000
    Achieve 300 is a fundamental part of learning at Spring Station. Log-on (opens in a new window) to browse or complete an assignment. If you are unsure how to log-on, troubleshooting information (PDF opens in a new window) is available.

  • Student Handbook 
    Spring Station Middle School’s student handbook (PDF opens in a new window) provides important information concerning specific rules, policies, and procedures related to the safety and operation of our school.

  • ClassLink
    ClassLink (opens in new window) provides single sign-on from any computer to access school web resources and files.

  • WCS Meal Payment
    Pay(opens in new window) your school fees, manage your student accounts and apply for free and reduced meals.