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About the Program
STARS is a student assistance program that works within our schools and communities to help students overcome social and emotional barriers to learning. STARS offers individual and support group counseling.

Students can be referred to STARS by teachers, principals, school counselors, the school nurse, parents, friends, or even a self-referral.

Meet Our Counselor

Christina Lafferty

Small Group/Individual Topics

    • Social Skills
      For students who may be struggling to know appropriate responses in social situations, need help improving their interpersonal relationships, or may greatly benefit from improving communication skills, this group is an avenue by which these skills can be developed. Students who participate in this group must be referred by a teacher, parent, or staff person.
    • Boys Anger Management
      This “boys only” group is designed to improve emotional awareness, recognize anger cues, and learn ways in which anger can be appropriately expressed. The group will work to expand interpersonal communication skills and develop personal coping strategies.
    • Girls Group
      Following the “Young Women’s Lives” curriculum, this group will provide guided discussion and activities to build confidence, improve self-awareness, and empower female students.
    • Divorce Support
      This group is a general support group offered to students who may be struggling with the divorce of their parents. In this group, students will have a place to verbalize their fears and feelings about the changes happening in their family. We will discuss the process of transition that comes with change and work to develop positive coping skills.
    • Study Skills
      This group is for students who are struggling academically and would benefit from working on basic organization, time management, and study habits skills. Students who participate in this group must be referred by a teacher, parent, or staff person.