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Dr. Mike Looney

Thank you for visiting our website. Williamson County has long been recognized as a premier school district at the local, regional, and national levels. Our students perform exceedingly well on academic measures; our parents are engaged in the learning process; our business and civic communities actively support schools. In short, Williamson County is a great place to live and learn together.

We are home to scores of exemplary classroom teachers and support professionals many of whom are outstanding educators and accomplished experts in the arts, sciences, languages, and humanities. It is my belief that our staff is comprised of some of the nation’s brightest and most talented.

While we are proud of our tradition of excellence, we are also committed to standing watch on the bow of our educational journey. We are focused on being at the forefront of educational innovation and the precipice of productive and progressive change so that our graduates are prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.


Jason Golden
Deputy Director of Schools
Phone: 472-4001

Tim Gaddis
Assistant Superintendent of TLA
Phone: 472-4082

Leslie Holman
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 472-4014

Rebecca Owens
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Phone: 472-4050

Denise Goodwin
Assistant Superintendent Elementary
Phone: 472-4065

Dr. Charles Farmer
Assistant Superintendent Secondary
Phone: 472-4090

Dr. Mike Looney

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