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Since 2013-14, WCS has been working on ways to create a culture of kindness in our schools. After developing the slogan BE NICE,  WCS began printing t-shirts and signs with the mantra. As the message spread, photos of students, teachers, celebrities, and professional athletes holding the BE NICE sign began to appear on social media and schools began to report a change in student behavior. Turns out, the BE NICE message was making a real difference!

The BE NICE representatives for the 2017-2018 school year are 4th graders, Lillie & Henry.  They started off the year by attending the Williamson County BE NICE Kick-Off, where they got to create activities for students to gain empathy and practice social problem-solving skills.  They also filmed positive messages to be shared county-wide.  Trinity Be Nice representatives are always helping with our character program and leading our school in kindness.

Checkout the WCS BE NICE Program!

These three smiling friends are our Be Nice representative, Allison Cunningham, Lillie Wink, & Henry King