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web_hendrenArt classes during the school year allow students to gain a larger appreciation for fine arts while developing their own skills.  In addition to encouraging students to explore various media, we follow a set of standards per grade level that can be found here.

web_guideTrinity’s counseling program includes classroom guidance lessons, group sessions, and individual meetings. We cover many topics including feelings, bullying, career awareness, friendship, study skills and organization, as well as our school Best Me program. Students will engage in these topics through reading of books, video clip, interactive discussions, and an art or writing project. Counselors can meet with individual students about various concerns.

IMG_1580 (1) (1024x768)During classes in the Library Media Center, students engage in reading response activities and guided inquiry.   Lessons range from understanding genres to creating websites based on research projects.  While LMC classes include checking out books, students also develop many technology skills, including digital and copyright responsibility.  Checkout our LMC page for resources!
IMG_1480Music classes allow students at Trinity to explore and create music through movement, drama, and instrumental & vocal practices. Our grade level performances and choirs promote the ideas of cooperation and a sense of community. Allowing the students to create individual and group musical pieces in the music classroom helps with self-esteem and confidence. Music standards require that all students learn to read music and play a musical instrument.  At Trinity, all students learn basic piano skills in our fully equipped piano lab. We produce 5 musicals, 2 choral groups, and contribute during assemblies and special events.
web_peTrinity elementary school physical education is excited to be able to introduce both a new classroom and new teacher to our program this year.   Throughout the year our students will be exposed to a variety of skills and activities to promote a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the students will have a chance to learn and discuss key components to healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices.
IMG_1567 (768x1024)Technology has moved out of the lab and into the classroom!  Trinity’s access to multiple mobile devices has made it possible for us to learn technology skill during project-based activities.  Ms. Monks will teach special computer and online skills inside the traditional classroom to help students become more adept users and responsible digital citizens.
Renee Fetting
Counseling, Related Arts
Guidance Counselor, Kindergarten & 2nd grade
Jen Hendren
Extracurricular Club Leaders, Related Arts
Art Teacher
Kristin Hull
Extracurricular Club Leaders, Related Arts
Music Teacher
Lisa King
Counseling, Extracurricular Club Leaders, Related Arts
Guidance Counselor, 1st & 3rd-5th grade
Kevin Morriello
Related Arts
Physical Education & Nutrition Teacher
Dea Peach
Media Center, Related Arts
Media Specialist
Brittany Smith
Extracurricular Club Leaders, Related Arts
Physical Education Teacher
Megan White
Curriculum Coaches, Related Arts
Interventionist / Art Support
Abigail Williams
Extracurricular Club Leaders, Related Arts
Physical Education Teacher