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  • Gavin Tapia testing on a computer

Is too much testing a thing?

April 15th, 2019|

All throughout a child’s life they are expected to go to school and do the best of their ability no matter [...]

Countdown to our last prom

April 15th, 2019|

Attention Class of 2019! It is our last prom season. Most of us have grown up with each other for [...]

  • A classroom full of children raising their hands
  • A group of 7 students in white polos with black bottoms on
  • A beautiful castle looking building functioning as a boarding school

Best education for students

April 15th, 2019|

Public Schools Cheaper Cannot force payment of tuition Underfunded programs influenced by political winds and shortfalls Part of a larger school system, [...]

The Sting

  • football team lines up ready to start playing
  • jackson clevenger points to crowd after match

Spotlight: Jackson Clevenger

March 7th, 2019|

Jackson Clevenger is an outstanding student at Fairview High School and has done wonderful things for this [...]

  • 10 Cadets of the Fairview High School JROTC Fencing team take a group photo after being awarded medals
  • Two cadets getting ready to fence while one of them is wearing hot pink socks

JROTC Fencing

February 17th, 2019|

On the 8th of February, the JROTC Fencing team had a competition at Ravenwood High School. [...]

The View

Fine Arts

  • A line of students stand on stage around one person in the middle.
  • A girl in a pink sweater kneeling onstage with a golden retriever.
  • A girl in a flowered shirt stands next to a boy with a grey shirt.
  • A group of students stand across the front of the stage with a dog.
  • A group of students stand onstage and look at one girl in the center of them.
  • A boy sits on a crate by himself with a spotlight on him.
  • A line of girls stand onstage with their hands over their hearts.
  • Three students stand in front of a bunch of other students and sing, with colorful lights behind them.
  • Two girls stand next to a desk together.
  • Two girls sing on the front of the stage while people kneel behind them.
  • A line of students stand onstage and talk to each other.

Students shine in Annie Jr.

March 31st, 2019|

The Fairview Middle School theatre department is putting on a production of Annie Jr on April [...]

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