As a senior, I’ve looked back on my first year being here to my last. I’ve changed a lot throughout the years and I would like to credit that to the teachers who helped shape my educational career.  As a freshmen, you aren’t use to the high school environment and things can get hard. Mrs. Laird was the first hard teacher I had ever had. She taught me how to organize my time and be confident in the outcome of my work.  As a sophomore you start to get the feel for high school and become more confident in your surroundings. Sophomore year is the year I realized I wanted to become a sculpture artist. Mrs. Sanchez introduced me to many new types of media and gave me a new outlook on the definition of creating art. I found where I belonged in the art community thanks to her. Junior year is the year you sacrifice downtime in order to have superb grades. Mrs. M. Brown, was the first teacher that actually made me want to come to class. She was the first teacher that made me feel prideful in the work I produced for once, I will always be thankful for that. Now, as a senior, I look back on those last three years and look at the person I am now, and I’m proud of who I’ve become. Senior year I decided to try new things and that’s why I chose to take journalism. I met a teacher who pushed me to go out there and actually make myself seen and heard. I would like to credit that to Mrs. Lowry, who believed in me. High school sucks and it always will, but what you gain from it, is what matters. I finally found my best friends, it took me three years, but I finally found the people I belong to. I won’t miss high school in any way, but I will miss the friends I’m leaving behind and the teachers who helped shape me. Thank you Fairview High School, for all the memories, but it’s time I say goodbye and start a better chapter in my life.