When going to high school you never know what’s going to happen. You walk into Fairview High School thinking it’s a whole new world coming from the middle school. There are so many activities and clubs to do, life couldn’t get any better. For example, looking back at my previous years I was heavily involved in JROTC. Everything I did was for my future and little did I know that I would be going into the United States Navy. You go through so many classes and have so many teachers you build a personal connection with and it’s upsetting when you finally leave. Mrs. Laird, definitely pushed me to my best in math and First Sergeant Turk and Major Fultz pushed me physically which I thank them for, Mrs. Lowry allowed us to read  The Things They Carried which totally blew my mind and allowed us to see it in a different perspective and of course Mrs. Kandi who made sure I would come to school. Teachers help out a lot throughout your career and so do your peers. Making so many memories with your classmates is unbelievable, you believe that time has gone by too fast. Going to football games, prom, the homecoming dance and the float builds, is the time to make memories and have fun. I do regret not being involved with the class of 2019, however I did enjoy my time with JROTC. JROTC was the best part of this high school career. Performing for the Predators and the Sounds baseball team, really helped me with my public speaking and stage fright. Speaking of stage fright, thank you Ms. Knoop. You allowed me to come out of my shell in theater. It allowed me to get to know talented people and have the opportunity to help out with the shows, sadly I wasn’t involved with the Theater Department until this year. Thank you to all the teachers that helped me along the way and I´ll see you soon…Goodbye Fairview High School.