Ignore what other people want you to do

Know what you can handle

Listen to what you want   

Make the decision that will make you happy


Some people have the best interest for us, but there are also people who may not care how you feel about the matter. They could be clouded by their own wants. Of course you are going to want to be in classes with your friends, but you need to think about what it is best for you. Some of your friends might tell you not to take a class and while you can listen to their reason it should not change your decision. I have had a friend tell me not to take an AP test because they did not think I could pass it. I still plan to take the course and the test because I know it will make me happy. Your friends in high school may not still be your friends when you are in college, so do not let them dictate what you do now. However, still make memories with each other and enjoy the time you have left. Some of the memories you make in high school stay with you and one day you will be an adult thinking about your crazy days. We are a family and we care for each other even if we do not always show it.

Knowing what you want to do is key. We are only a yellow jacket for four years.