While the renovations of the school brought about many positives, many students can’t help but notice the sheer lack of color and excitement on the walls as they walk down the hallways. A lot of people became more aware of it during Fine Arts week, when there was art in every single hallway. It seemed to improve a lot of people’s moods, even in just a subconscious way. Art is such an important part of our culture, and we should be celebrating it more. There should be murals in our school. These could be in the cafeteria, by the lobby, or down by the art room. Some people argue that murals look sloppy or unprofessional, and would ruin the clean appearance of the walls. However, this is a high school! This is a space for learning, change and growth, and our walls should reflect that. These murals could be commissioned from Fairview High School alumni who have graduated to pursue a career in the arts, or by some of the current higher level arts students. It may seem like a relatively small change, but art really can help lift spirits and encourage creativity. In a poll I took of Fairview high school students, over 90% of them stated that yes, we should have murals. It’s time to bring some life back into our hallways through art.