Today, no one can go on social media or do day-to-day activities
without being reminded of the time left until this planet’s condition,
one we have helped create, is irreversible. Recycling some of our
plastic and paper, while helpful, it isn’t enough to right the course.
There are more meaningful ways, with greater impact, in which we can
do our part in the movement to “Go Green.”

Becoming a More Environmentally Friendly School:

  • School needs to use environmentally friendly cleaning products
    (No bleach or ammonia, no phthalates and heavy metals, not
    hazardous, flammable, heavily scented or poisonous)
  • No closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam (Styrofoam TM ) lunch trays
    (Solution: Commercial Dishwasher)
  • Do not utilize plastic straws or utensils (there are
    environmentally friendly and cost effective options for replacing
    these such as starch cutlery)
  • Provide more recycling receptacles (paper, cardboard,and plastic)
  • Encourage teachers to put live plants in classrooms
    (Environmental club can take initiative in watering them)
  • Ensuring Computers are off after school hours
  • School cleanup days quarterly
  • School Composting Program run by green club
  • School planting days
  • No paper towels in bathrooms, instead air dryers (more cost
    effective over time and instantaneously environmentally friendly;
    less mess in bathrooms)
  • Murals out of recycled goods (Led by art club)
  • Encourage teachers to not use paper in classrooms instead to go
  • Use online textbooks to reduce paper used by these heavy books
  • LED Lights versus fluorescent