At the 4-H open house on Sept. 9, 2019, Leah Kennedy represented FvHS at the 4-H Honor Club booth as well as the Nutrition, Health, and Fitness Booth. TJ Williams, another FvHS student, helped at multiple booths. When asked about the booths Leah Kennedy said,”In Nutrition, Heath, and Fitness you learn about eating healthy and the benefits of exercising. Also, we get to try healthy foods. In Honor Club, we learn how to serve others through service projects. We also learn about leadership and citizenship. We get to take field trips to learn about local government.” When asked about the booths TJ Williams was at he said,”In this club [Honor Club] we mostly do service projects such as food drives each year, build leadership skills through games and other activities, and citizenship through service projects, portfolios, and public speaking.” When asked about which booths looked fun to partake in Kennedy said,”Any of the projects are fun because there is something for everyone. I really enjoy participating in Shooting Sports, Livestock, Honor Club, Line and Design, and Nutrition, Health, and Fitness.” Williams said,”From what I saw, I was really intrigued with the cooking club, it was split into 4 groups of cookies: dairy, yeast, bread, and outdoor meat cookery. Livestock club, which I am in, is also interesting as we judge animals, learn about them and raise them which is an enjoyable way to spend extra time.” I personally had a lot of fun attending and hope to see more students there in 2020!