As many of you have noticed, the no cellphone policy is being strictly enforced this year. Which leaves us feeling aggravated; we use them so frequently in our lives, let alone our classes. Our county is a technology based county, so phones are needed sometimes! Unless there is a 1:1 ratio with computers, the phones should not be forbidden. When asked about the cell phone policy being enforced so strongly Dr. Jones replied, “It was my perception that our study halls were not an academic environment. I would rather see students reading, working on homework, or studying for a test during this time. I often saw students on Netflix, social media, or playing a game. I want our students and teachers to optimize the time they have in school for academic purposes.” While he makes a great point, there are some students who use phones during school time to get their homework, studying, or tests finished. If you have a study hall and you are trying to get work done, what happens if you do not have access to school technology? There is nothing to use except your phone. Exceptions can be made for students that are caught up with work. We should not be punished because of bad decisions some of our peers have made regarding their phones.