There is a new lunch location rule being enforced by administration this year. The amount of students in Fairview High School is increasing; more students should mean more space, but that is not the case this year. Instead of being able to use the whole school for lunch, we are limited to:

Senior courtyard (seniors only)
Student services hallway
The bus entry lobby
The cafeteria
The auxiliary gym
Hall of Champs
The main halls around the gym

We are cramped in these places trying to fit EVERY student! Not only is this a safety concern, it is inconvenient for us. “I feel like I don’t have the privacy I want to have with my friends,” explains a student. Since students are packed in the hallway, there is no way to enjoy lunch while stepping over feet or lunches, struggling to find a seat, and being forced to hear ALL conversations that are surrounding you when you’re just trying to have one with friends. Don’t even mention the noise! Please give us back our places for lunch!

Possible Solutions

If the issue is the amount of noise during Focus, a solution could be to only limit the students’ lunch locations for the first half of lunch. There are less students in the hallways first half of lunch, therefore, limited space can be an option.

Instead of being limited to just those spaces, an idea could be to add one more hallway for students to eat in. The difference one hall can make could be major!

Similarly, this idea is based on additional hallways. Open one more hallway just for the seniors. The senior courtyard depends on the weather, so if the weather is crummy the seniors have no place to sit. As a solution, having an additional hallway for the seniors will cut down the crowd during lunch, while also giving us space.