Q: What is your role?

Vinny Caccese: Romeo Cast A, Montague Cast B

April Gillette: Juliet Cast A, Balthasar Cast B

Haydn Hollis: Romeo/Montague

Dalton Johnson: Paris

Morgan Kirkpatrick: Escalus, Prince of Verona

Skyler Lucas: Petruchio

Rylee Nicholson: Juliet/Balthasar

Hailey Owens: Lady Montague

Abie Peden: Student Director

Jessica Shepherd: Costume crew

Maia Sudbrock: Benvolio

Chloe Suffridge: Peter

Noelle Wiggs: Page

Q: Is there anything in particular that inspired you to be apart of theatre? If yes, what?

Caccese: I’ve done it all of high school because it’s always given me a place to thrive.

Gillette: I was always intrigued about the story of Romeo and Juliet and when I heard I had the chance to be a part or audition for the show I was filled with joy.

Hollis: The fact that everyone is so welcoming and creates a safe environment to be whoever we want to be says it all for me! Also, I kinda have a thing for the spotlight!

Johnson: I was inspired by Mr Boyet’s class.

Kirkpatrick: I wanted to be a part of theatre because the shows company becomes almost like a family. You love and support each other all the time. It’s a very positive environment to be in!

Lucas: Growing up, I would always watch movies and the behind the scenes stuff on how the actors became such a family while doing what they loved. I thought it looked so much fun and once I finally got the courage to actually audition, I got to find out what is was like and I absolutely fell in love with acting.

Nicholson: I have always loved watching films and digging deep into stories.

Owens: Yes. My friends were always describing how much fun they had in theater and how the community of theater is very welcoming and in the short time that I have been a part of it, I have experienced the same warm welcome and fun that I’ve heard of from other people.

Peden: The family environment and the loving way we all inspire each other.

Sudbrock: I love being a part of theatre and doing shows because I feel like it’s a place where I can really express myself and create so many amazing memories.

Suffridge: Yes, I love the thrill of the stage… and the fact that I can entertain people.

Wiggs: Yes! Theatre has always been an incredibly welcoming community and one in which I can express myself. In a world where that is rare, it’s enlightening to be somewhere you know people care.

Q: Why did you want to be involved in this production?

Peden: I love theatre and have a passion for all things involving it.

Caccese: My favorite shows to act in are Shakespeare and Romeo has been one of my dream roles since I started acting.

Gillette: I love theatre and knowing I had a chance to be apart of this amazing production I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Hollis: Romeo has always been my dream role since I’ve gotten into acting because of the diverse emotions he goes through throughout the play.

Kirkpatrick: I love the challenge of reading and memorizing Shakespeare.

Lucas: I wanted to be a part of Romeo and Juliet because I love theater is what I love most. It’s even what I want to so when I’m older so why not be a part of such a great production!

Nicholson: I love this classic tragedy and have always been interested about it.

Owens: I’ve always loved the story of Romeo and Juliet and it was my favorite Shakespeare piece to read in all of my time in school. Romeo and Juliet brings such attention to the raw electricity between the two that is not something that is played on as much in Othello, McBeth, and Hamlet.

Shepherd: I had a great time doing crew in another play.

Sudbrock: I love doing Shakespeare shows and I always love the feeling of family that comes from being in a show with a bunch of people.

Wiggs: I love Romeo and Juliet and I love The Flock family and being involved in theatre, so being in this production involved all three!

Q: What do you think is going to be the biggest challenge taking on this role?

Caccese: Understanding and portraying Romeo’s multiple complex emotions on stage.

Gillette: What I think will be the challenge of being Juliet is being fully like her character but I can do it.

Hollis: The biggest challenge taking on this role is its my first main male lead and it’s all Shakespearean so it’ll be difficult to memorize lines but I’m up for the challenge!

Lucas: The hardest part will probably be understanding what is going on in their perspective because a lot is going on in this play!

Nicholson: Probably the different range of emotions that I will have to portray being Juliet.

Owens: My lines are during and after the intense fight scene at the beginning of the play and I think that the most challenging part will be bringing the intensity that Lady Montague is supposed to feel when she sees her people fighting with the Capulets and the relief when she realizes Romeo took no part in the fight.

Peden: The commitment and level of maturity.

Shepherd: Cleaning.

Sudbrock: I definitely think it will be challenging to memorize all of my lines.

Q: If you could play any other character in this production, who would it be?

Caccese: I couldn’t be happier than I am with the role I have.

Gillette: Any other character I could choose to be, it would be the nurse, she is hilarious but nurturing at the same time.

Hollis: I would probably be Friar Lawrence because he is in the middle of the whole story and all of the conflict and he doesn’t stand against true love!

Johnson: Romeo of course, but I love Paris’s character.

Kirkpatrick: I would stick with my character! Ms. Knoop knows best, so I would stick with her selection for the cast.

Lucas: I think Juliet or Nurse would’ve been fun but I’m very proud of the actors who were chosen and wouldn’t want it any other way!

Nicholson: Probably Friar Lawrence, as he is very wise and plays a very important role in the story.

Owens: If I could play another character in this production, it might be Lady Capulet. Others would want bigger roles like Juliet, but I think that Lady Capulet has a certain quirkiness and awkwardness with her daughter that I can relate to as someone who has never felt that I’m as affectionate or empathetic as I’m expected or supposed to be.

Peden: Juliet.

Suffridge: Paris or Benvolio

Wiggs: Mercutio.

Q: What are some things you would like to tell the Fairview community about yourself?

Caccese: I love theatre and acting and hope that everyone will come see the show.

Gillette: I’m very excited to be Juliet and Romeo and Juliet and I’m dedicated and excited for everyone to  see the show and see all the amazing actors.

Hollis: I LOVE theatre with all my heart and I’m excited to put my acting ability to the test through this show and other parts I get over the next couple of years in high school!

Johnson: I guess that I’d be really happy if we had a full house every show.

Nicholson: I am truly grateful for the opportunity to help portray such a beautiful story! I love theatre and I love being able to explore different places and people with my best friends.

Owens: Some things I would like to tell the Fairview community about myself is that I have struggled a lot through my years in high school with bullying, stress, and high expectations that I felt I never lived up to. Students, whether they be freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors, should know that there is at least one person in this entire school that will love you for who you are. It may take a while to find your footing and find people that you can trust and count on, but just know that your time for finding yourself will come. Mine didn’t until my senior year, but I finally feel more comfortable with my friend group, meeting expectations that seemed impossible for me, and speaking up for myself and finding a place I belong.

Sudbrock: I am so proud of this production already and I hope you decide to come out and see it.

Suffridge: I just love this theater community and I’m a writer so I hope to one day write a script for a show that this school could perform.