Nature Fest was this past Saturday, September 14, 2019. There were many performers, booths, games, shops, and food trucks. The temperature got up to 90 degrees, but people pushed through. The crowd was great at all times of the day.

The “Lady Bug Stage,” the kids’ stage, was packed with back to back performances. Anna, Elsa, Batman, and Superman even showed up to take pictures. The “Big Stage” had bands and solo performers playing instruments with a mainly country sound.

There was trail after trail of booths; lots of them had games. One was to hit the hammer and if you made it to the top and hit the bell, you got a balloon. Other booths were set up as shops, you could walk under the tent and buy little items.

There were also a lot of food trucks. Some sold ice cream, a blessing on such a hot day, two had barbeque, and one sold hamburgers. Someone said, “the food was great! It was really enjoyable.”

There was a wide variety of everything at Nature Fest, from booths, to food, to shows. The day was hot, but very exciting and memorable to many.