As the year begins, a chapter is closing for seniors- high school. College Application Week is the time for seniors to sit down and take action for how they will be spending the next few years of their lives. Here, they have the opportunity to go to the computer lab and have counselors assist them with scholarships and applications. 

As the senior jackets prepare to leave, juniors wanting to pursue college need to stay mindful of approaching deadlines and have a plan. Clay Tyner advised juniors to, ”Start looking at colleges now, because you have so much to do your senior year that you don’t have time for it.” Many seniors also say that writing college essays early is beneficial. Garret Wooten said that he started thinking about college, “sophomore year, but I didn’t start doing stuff till junior year. That helped a lot because now I don’t have to do essays or anything like that.” For students not in a college prep class or ACT focus, write essays in your spare time and slowly develop many so when it comes time, you have many to pick from to submit to schools. Frankie Colfer reported that she didn’t start thinking about college untill junior year. “I always knew I wanted to go, like since little, but I started planning where I wanted to go junior year in the beginning.” 

College is approaching quickly for seniors, but other students should also take the time to sit down, write a list of what you want in your college experience, browse colleges that fit that description, set up college tours, and look for odd scholarships you may be eligible for!