As Mrs. McGaha would say, “We don’t read books we study Literature.”  Some of the many ways to define Mrs McGaha would be  hard working, driven, and compassionate of others. She is an English teacher here at Fairview High and has made an impact in so many people’s lives. She has been a teacher since 1997 and still continues to love her job.  In an interview, Mrs. McGaha was asked, “Why did you decide to become a teacher?” She responded, “ Not sure exactly. Since I was in high school I knew that I wanted to help people, and that stayed the same all through college. I also loved English, and my grandmother was a teacher as well so I felt like it all tied together perfectly.” Another question that was asked was, “What’s your favorite part of this being your career?” She smiled and said, “Discussing literature and building relationships with the students. Seeing that I’m making an impact and helping them really just makes it all worth it.”

     In one word, Lily Frank, a sophomore, described her as motherly. Taking a look back in to Lily’s freshman year she explained, “Mrs. McGaha helped me a lot with my writing. She has helped me become aware that I can step out of the box and try new things and have great outcomes. As a freshman, I felt like I could go to her with my problems.” When asked what advice she would give for someone that’s about to have her, Lily said, “Yes, she expects a lot from you, but she makes it known that you won’t be by yourself doing it.”  Hannah Crist, a senior at Fairview High has taken English, Capstone, and AP Lit with Mrs. McGaha. Hannah said, “She pushes you and wants you to succeed.” and I believe that perfectly describes Mrs. McGaha. She is a teacher that does not just work here for the money, or for the convenience of the location, she does it for us. Mrs. McGaha loves more than anything to see students succeed. She sees potential in every individual student and will push you to reach it.