A touchdown, a field goal, cheering fans – football runs through the heart of this school and this community. It is a game of pride, and joy, and sometimes defeat, but it brings the people of Fairview together, and it means something to our players. As Fairview enters the football season, kicking off with the Battle of 840, we know that it is more than a game.

Our football players reflect that they play football not only for the fun, but the character growth, the camaraderie, the opportunity for scholarships, and the ability to reach out to others. Bryce Fannin, a junior, recalled that, “At first, when I moved here it was to meet new people, and I just kinda fell in love with the sport.”

Every Friday the boys do a “huddle” and they do “boys to men,” which many of our football players believe is what they take away from this sport the most. Here, learning how to be kind and as Kyle King, another junior phrased, “to take care of other people and be nice to others.” In this experience our upperclassmen have learned what it takes to walk onto the field and into life after high school. Skyler Wilson, a senior player said, “Leadership- it’s taught not just me but I am pretty sure everyone that plays football leadership. It teaches us a sense of family, connection, relationships. A lot of my friends – I made them because of football. It’s a lot of aspects of life. I know it is a tough sport where people are hitting each other all the time, but it teaches a lot of life lessons.” Malachi Bennett, a new freshman, to the field, said, “Beating Page in the next three years!” This competitiveness drives our team forward to push the limits and exceed expectations.

Honestly it’s just cause I love the game. Before I was in football, I played soccer, but it wasn’t as fun, and once I tried football I found something that I truly loved.

Skyler Wilson, Senior

It has taught me how to manage my work, school, and sports. And its helped me get bigger so I guess, its helped me to learn how to be a better person too, because we do a lot of stuff. Like after school on Thursdays when we go and do this thing called huddle group and we just talk about “boys to men.”

Garrett Wooten , Senior

I play football for the camaraderie, and the fun of the sport, and just to be with all of my friends in one area, and it’s just a really fun time on Friday nights in front of the crowd with all of your friends cheering you on too.

Kyle King, Junior

At first- when I moved here it was to meet new people, and I just kinda fell in love with the sport.

Bryce Fannin, Junior

I play football so I can get a scholarship and go to college and to help my family and everyone else out there who needs help one day.

Brian Kuhn, Junior

Cause I like to hang out with the boys.

Riley Bennett, Junior

Because it builds a better person

Malachi Bennett, Freshman