Thespian Society, named after Greek drama’s first actor, Thespius, is a large group of students set on making, “a place where we can all come together and laugh,” according to Vinny Caccese, Vice President of the Fairview High School Thespian Society. It’s about, Noelle Wiggs, a member, says, “people being the best they can be.”

“Thespian Society really is like a family. (The) most welcoming group of kids that I’ve ever known,” says Wiggs. The word “family” is constantly being thrown around in a pack like this. In the meeting on August 20th, 2019, everyone was very friendly. Time was taken out of the meeting for everyone to introduce themselves, even if most were already well known. In this organization, some are very outgoing and courageous, while others might be shy or quiet. However, in the end, a balance is met. You are welcomed to participate, always. Encouragement and help is always there, but if you’d like to stay out of the scene, that is okay as well. Everyone in this family is positive towards each other and are there for one another.

At the meetings that occur every other Tuesday before school, many things take place. Breakfast is always served from the Publix Bakery. Reminders are given for upcoming events and polls are taken, like themes for Open Mics. Maia Sudbrock, the President, says, “Every single meeting we try to play at least one game.” The last meeting had a game consisting of the alphabet. Three players created a scene, and the first word each character said had to start with the next letter. “Fire” was a big theme, and “zebras” were thrown in as well.

Thespian Society holds many events. Game Night, Open Mics, The Talent Shows, Super Heros and Princess Tea Party, Tricker Canning, And ThesCon are just a handful of the activities. Tricker Canning is a “Philanthropy Project.” The club dresses up to go from house to house and collect cans, which are then donated to Graceworks. Thescon is a learning event in which students go to MTSU overnight. Two days are spent, dedicated to going to classes that all deal with theatre in some way. There’s directing, stage combat, acting in general, improv, writing, and loads more. The student chooses their desired classes and can make friends while participating and learning in the chosen classes. “I love all of the events we have”, Sudbrock informs us.

Overall, Thespian Society is a big group with a good heart. Between the meetings and events, the people have time to get to know each other and grow, not only as a group, but as a family.