The problem has come to light that students often do not use their lockers. Some students say it’s because they’re not sure how to open them, they lost their combinations, they are not sure where their locker is, or they don’t have a locker at all.

During the Middle of Year Exams last year, students were told to put there belongings in their lockers. Chaos erupted as students rushed to find a “locker buddy” or someone who could open their locker for them.

If you don’t remember your locker combination, you can go to Student services, near the entrance of the school, and ask Mrs. Groves. She can find your combination and locker for you. If you do not have a locker at all, you can report to the same place and simply inform her of your situation and ask for one.

  • The correct way to open a locker is to start at 0
  • Move the locker two times to the right all the way around back to zero both times
  • Stop at your first combination number
  • Turn to the left once, passing the first number
  • Go to your second combination number
  • Then turn to the right and stop on your third combination number.
  • Pull the tab and it will open.