“Storm area 51, they can’t stop all of us” was a viral Facebook post that everyone jumped on last year. The plan was that whoever decided to show up to area 51 in Nevada at a United Air Force facility was going to try to raid it and get inside. But what was the purpose you might ask? The people of America believe that something was hiding behind the brick wall of this facility. Weapons? No. Prisoners? Surely not. But aliens? Absolutely! Civilians have come to believe that aliens are in this air force base. So on September 20, they decided to all come together to try to get inside. Obviously they were stopped but it was a great effort. 

     From Nevada, all the way to the small town of Fairview TN, the students came together to also be apart of the “raid of area 51” by making their student section are 51 themed. Almost everyone was dressed out; Shiny skirts, painted faces, and neon all over. The students of Fairview High truly showed their school spirit.