Sarah Mccoy and Alyssa Ward have created a sign language club. You’ve probably seen the posters up around the school. When asked about their goals with the club they stated,”Our goal is to allow people that want to learn sign language to be able to have that opportunity. Sign language club is also helpful for people who are more of an in-person learner rather than trying to understand through a computer or phone screen.” When asked about their inspiration for creating this club they said,”When we first became friends we shared a lot of the same interests. This included knowing and loving sign language. We taught ourselves hundreds of words off websites and YouTube videos which has allowed us to be where we are today.” Sarah alone says,”Also my mom and I both don’t have very good ears and often have to repeat ‘what?’ a lot just to understand a simple conversation. Sign language really helped us in that manner to where now that problem doesn’t occur.” If your wondering what you’ll be doing if you attend a meeting they said,”A club meeting normally runs with us starting off greeting each other in sign language(hello, how are you..etc). Then we move on to taking what we learned the previous meeting and adding it into sentences while learning an extra 15 words. The club meetings run extremely productive and we get a lot done in the short 25 minutes we have together.” Lily Mobley, a student who attended Thursday’s meeting, stated,”Today was my first time going to a meeting but it’s so interesting! It’s so cool how we can communicate by just using our hands. The leaders of the club know so much sign language it’s really inspiring. It’s a really great club and I plan on coming to more meetings!” Jax Turner, another student who attended Thursday’s meeting, said,”It’s a fun experience to learn and use sign language. The things we learn are really universal and useful because you never know when you’re going to have to use them. Overall, it’s a great experience and it’s a super interactive and efficient way to learn sign language.”