Living in today’s age, lock down drills are regular. Having to be aware that something horrible can happen at any moment is part of going to school. With this, “lock down drills” include locking the classroom door, turning off all of the lights, and going to the back corner. But, at times, student and sometimes staff are not aware if these are drills or not. It can be so terrifying knowing that something like this can be a possibility.

     Ms. Sullivan, a teacher,  said “we do what the school board asks us to do, we follow protocol.” Which completely understandable.  Just in 2019 22 school shootings in the US have occurred. In 2018 there were 24. We’re only in September and were already at 22. That’s why lock down drills are taken so serious here. We need to have more. Our students and faculty need to be made very well aware of drills and real situations. That is part of living in 2019. We need to adjust until something is done about it.