Opportunity. That’s just one of the many words to describe 1st gen. The exact definition for a 1st gen would  be if your biological parents/guardians did not graduate college with a bachelor’s degree. If not, then congratulations, you’re a first gen! Now what exactly does this mean? This can mean so many amazing things for a student: Scholarships, new opportunities, achievements and so much more. In Fairview High School ½ of the teachers are 1st gen, some of the many would be Ms. Sullivan, Ms. Honaker, Ms. Allen and Ms. Mcknight. 

In an interview Ms. Sullivan, one of the school counselors and a first gen said, “being a first gen is determined by if your parents have gotten a bachelor’s degree or not. This is all about making the impossible, possible” 

Ms. Allen, the learning lab tutor was asked, “what was it like to be a first gen and what does that mean to you?’ she responded, “well it was never questioned whether or not i was going to college or not; I was going. I wanted to make my parents proud because they had sacrificed so much for me” Ms. Honaker explained, “one of the main reasons I became a school counselor was because I wanted to help fellow 1st gen students.” She explained that when she figured out she was she didn’t know what to do. “… I want to help make the process easier,”

Ms. Mcknight, the gifted teacher expressed, “I’m so happy that this school helps with 1st gen students, it makes me feel that they have great opportunities… yes.. opportunity, that’s a perfect word to describe being a 1st gen” and she is exactly right.