Students, you may have heard the buzz about teachers having a new addition to the class. The cell phone pockets… they have 36 individual pockets to hold our phones.

Each teacher is given a voluntary choice to use them, however, teachers are told to hang them up in their classrooms and tell students to put their phones in the pockets. We are a BYOT county; we bring our own technology for our classes, but why are we not able to use them? If our school had a 1:1 ratio of students to school provided technology, then that would be acceptable. This is not the case, so what do we do if we need our phones for work? I often use my phone to look up vocabulary words, homework and email. If I am not doing something educational on my phone then I am caught up on my work. It is an award for having done my work. Why should the majority be punished for the actions of the minority?