Big Little Week is dedicated to warmly welcoming new people into theatre. A “Little” is someone who is a part of a Fairview High School theatrical performance for the first time. A “Big” is someone who has been in previous play, and is usually an upperclassmen. Every Little is assigned a Big and they don’t know who it is. Throughout the first four days of the week, the Big leaves little treats and gifts for their Little, along with small notes. On Friday, Littles bring a present for their Big, along with a short letter. Time is taken out of that rehearsal for a “reveal.” A Little is called to stand in the middle of a circle with their eyes closed. They guess who they think their Big is. The Big sneaks up and then reveals themself. They exchange gifts and the next duo is up.

One Junior said, “I felt appreciated,” when remembering what being a Little was like. Holly Grable, a Little from this year said that finding out who her Big was, “it was very surprising.”

Big Little Week is a huge part of theatre. It’s how people are welcomed into the family and get to know each other.