After campaigning for a week, trying on dresses, and creating posters to line the hallways, the senior homecoming court was ready for homecoming day. When asked why running, each girl reflected that as seniors it was important to make memories, and to them this seemed like a fun one they will always remember. But in spite of the goal to make memories, the competition still stayed strong as the girls walked down the hallways throughout lunch campaigning. The school voted with anticipation on Thursday rooting for their favorite girl: Ashleigh McKinney, Elizabeth Pennington, Miley Green or Nicole Grayson. To then wait till Friday night at halftime, when the crown was given.

Each girl lined up with their escorts to walk down the 50 yard line as a member of JROTC held an umbrella to protect them from the rain. Coach Jackson’s children came forth with the crown to give to the homecoming queen: Ashleigh McKinney wearing rain boots. Despite the rain and cold, the crowd cheered loudly for the Fairview High School Homecoming Queen of 2019.