Monday October 21st is USA day.

Tuesday October 22nd is twin day.

Wednesday October 23rd is battle of the colors.

The Freshmen’s color is white.

The Sophomore’s color is tie dye.

The Junior’s color is blue.

The Senior’s color is black.

Thursday October 24th is jersey day.

Friday October 25th is black and yellow day.

Inspiration for USA day:

What about some American flag boots?

Or maybe an American flag button down?

Do you have an American flag bandana?

How about an American flag headband?

Inspiration for twin day:

Or another version of this duo?

Or maybe peanut butter and jelly?

Or even thing 1 and thing 2?

Or how about this iconic duo?

Inspiration for battle of the colors:

For the Freshmen:

Those white converse you haven’t worn in forever?

Or maybe some white leggings you’ve needed an excuse to wear?

Or some white shorts?

Or maybe even just a white T-shirt?

For the sophomores:

Making a tie dye shirt would be a fun activity with friends!

Maybe even make some tie dye pants/shorts!

Or maybe even paint an old pair of shoes!

For the juniors:

What about a blue hoodie?

Or maybe some blue converse?

How about just a blue T-shirt and some leggings?

You could even dress up like a smurf.

For the seniors:

How about a black cape?

Or an old batman halloween costume?

Or maybe even just some black leggings?

Or dress up like a black hole?

Inspiration for jersey day:

How about your sibling or parent’s old sports jersey?

Maybe you have a jersey from your favorite sports team?

Maybe you could break out the sharpies and puffy paint to make your own out of an old T-Shirt?

Inspiration for ways to flaunt your school colors:

How about some black and yellow bibs?

Or even just these stylish vans?

How about a black and yellow bandana?